A Sense of Place

Originally an 18th century farmhouse, Lympstone Manor was formerly known as Courtlands House. Over the years and centuries it had many owners and underwent significant changes.

The Barings (who founded Barings Bank) were responsible for the most dramatic changes to the house, from the 1760s adding to the previously simple and much smaller Georgian structure to create the building that is still mainly observed from the front. They also established many of the garden elements that we still see today, including the Lady’s Walk.

William Francis Spicer sometime after 1829 widened this to extend down to the Exe foreshore. Octavius Brown the next owner added a porch to the front of the building and a conservatory to the rear. William Lethbridge retired to the house in 1870 and it is thought that this was the first house in Devon to have electricity installed. In more recent years, some of the grounds were divided, and the house went through a number of different owners and activities.

Lympstone Manor is a very special place located in a unique corner of Devon.