Lympstone Manor News

Locally produced plate of haute cuisine food.

Local produce – our guide to the best of the West

Holidaymakers flock to the Westcountry for the warmer climes, the dramatic landscape (from moorland to sea), and the relative peacefulness of rural life. But above all else, the counties of Devon, Somerset and Cornwall are a foodie haven with a myriad of businesses literally catering for the tastes of visitors and residents alike. Dotted around …

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Natural Wines at Lympstone Manor

By Marc Millon – Wine, Food and Travel Writer. Lympstone Manor hosted a fascinating and enjoyable Natural Wine Dinner in the Pool House on 7th February, an evening that showcased both the precision and purity of wines made with minimal intervention as well as the precision of a considered menu prepared by Michael, Head Chef …

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Michelin Star Excellence

My team and I are delighted that the Lympstone Manor Restaurant has once again retained its Michelin star that we were awarded in 2017, only six months after we opened, and that we remain a Michelin-recommended hotel. We know how demanding and precise the anonymous Michelin inspectors always are, so we are humbled and gratified …

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The History of Lympstone Manor

Lympstone Manor has a vast and interesting history before it became the luxury boutique hotel, restaurant and vineyard that stands here today. Lympstone as we know it today has been formed from the cohesion of three small Domesday manors, Leveneston (Lympstone), Notteswille (Nutwell) and Sowden. There was a Saxon lord of the manor of Levenestone …

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The Destination is Devon this Christmas

Are you looking for a festive and magical destination to spend your Christmas holiday? Look no further than the beautiful area of Devon. While the Cotswolds may be a popular choice for many, Devon offers a unique and unforgettable location that is perfect for creating lasting memories for couples, families and friends. East Devon, boasts …

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