Master Suites

Our Master Estuary Suites, Nuthatch, Bullfinch, Magpie, Woodpecker and Gannet, offer sumptuous luxurious sleeping, living and bathing, indoors as well as out. Choose from balcony suites on the 1ST floor or ground floor suites with private terraces, outdoor fire pits, and satisfying soak tubs. Both styles of outdoor living offer panoramic views of the estuary.

Nuthatch, a handsome, plump bird, blue-grey above and chestnut and whitish below, that breeds in estuary woodlands.

Bullfinch, the male with its bright red breast and white rump, is unmistakable.

Magpie, a beautiful and striking bird, with its black and white plumage, iridescent wing tips, and long tail.

Woodpecker, boldly patterned and with a sharp, chiselled bill, vary in colour and markings.

Gannet, a resident sea bird, often seen circling high over the estuary.