Families for Children

“Families for Children is a charity close to my heart as I myself am adopted and have benefited from growing up in a loving family.” Michael Caines

Families for Children existed for many years as a joint venture operated by the Exeter Diocesan Board for Christian Care and the Plymouth Diocesan Catholic Children’s Society. In 2003 the agency became a separate charity in its own right. They hold adoption files from 1948 for the Society which was then known as the Plymouth Diocesan Children’s Rescue Society and from 1954 for the Exeter Diocesan Board for Christian Care. Although a Christian agency, they are pleased to welcome enquiries from other faiths and cultures and as a Christian organisation concerned with the welfare of children, parents and families, their attitudes and practices are shaped by Christian values and they, therefore, aim to uphold the importance of love, family life and the dignity of each individual.

Families for Children was our chosen charity in January and February 2019, raising £1, 497.

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