Salt + Land at Lympstone

Lympstone Manor is decorated with artwork by talented local artist Emma Solley (Salt + Land). Born in 1980, Emma lives and works in Devon.

Nature is a recurring theme for Emma as an artist. From huge dramatic skies, to tranquil oceans, scenes of big surf and rugged coastline, majestic expanses of Dartmoor, whatever the subject, Emma is constantly seeking a sense of peace, beauty and contemplation in her use of composition and colour.

She is particularly interested in the movement of water and the elemental relationship between the sea and the vast skies above. Her works have evolved from observations of natural forms and places she loves to be. For the past two decades, she has worked in the creative industries. The early part of her career was spent in broadcast TV production, but for the past 15 years whilst raising her family,

Emma has built a successful career as a highly regarded commercial photographer and seascape artist. Her photographs are widely published and her artworks are held in both private and corporate collections.

Also working with Salt + Land, our ground and parkland feature a number of hand crafted sculptures from renowned sculpture artists, Take a stroll along the ladies walk and marvel at the unique shapes forms and features across the landscape.


Birds of the Estuary

The wildly talented Rachael Toll has created a series of watercolours for our 21 Estuary bird-named rooms and 6 Shepherd huts named after an animal of the woodland.

Each room has been inspired by its namesake, with the interior design reflecting the plumage and colours of the bird or woodland creature.

Sculpture Park & Tours

Dotted around our intimately beautiful estate are 53 sculptures created by more than 20 sculptors from around the country. Each stand proud and resolute, happily positioned amongst their surroundings to provide guests with a unique experience to appreciate not just the natural beauty of our grounds, but of these strikingly poignant and beautiful constructions too.

The variety of works on display throughout our Sculpture Park is truly remarkable, from abstract to figurative and conceptual genres, covering a range of different subjects techniques, styles, materials, methods of creation, scale and underlying philosophy. This is a carefully curated collection, with the placement of each work in the natural setting of our estate precisely considered by the artist, curator and Michael himself. The overall effect is hugely impressive, taking the concept of environmental art to another level.

Guests are invited to use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code positioned next to each piece of art which will reveal further information on the piece.