Herb of the Month


Rosemary is a native of the Mediterranean region, this wood perennial herb is fragrant and evergreen. It is in fact a very robust herb requiring very little water and can survive by just taking moisture from the air, making it easy to grow. It’s great in both savoury and sweet dishes (for example, infused within a stock syrup), but it’s best known for its use in savoury dishes because of its intensity and very fragrant aroma. It works well with all types of meat and fish, in potato dishes, pasta and bread. But it’s not a soft herb – you need to chop the needle-like leaves finely if you are to integrate them into dishes without worrying about them getting in the way of the enjoyment of eating! You can use the full sprig when roasting joints and making stews, removing it after its job has been done.

Rosemary comes into flower with a display of wonderful colour in late spring/ early summer, and the flowers make a lovely garnish as well as providing a much-needed source of pollen so that the bees can get busy making their honey, another great complement to rosemary!