InFocus is the vision impairment & complex needs charity, and has been based in Exeter for over 180 years. Everyone at InFocus fights to make sure that children and young adults with vision impairment and complex needs don’t get left behind by society.

The children and young adults that InFocus supports can face huge barriers to learning, living and taking an active, independent place in their communities.

Some arrive at InFocus unable to use their voice, or unable to express simple choices like yes and no. They may need specialist equipment like a wheelchair or powered hoist just to enable them to explore their world. Others don’t have the mobility skills to be independent in their community and do simple things like take a bus to the shops or visit friends.

These inspirational young people see the world differently, and sometimes hardly at all, but could use what vision they do have more effectively with the right specialist input.

InFocus provides education, care and support services to inspire, challenge and empower these amazing children and young adults to live their best lives.

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