A Passion For Local Produce

Here at Lympstone Manor, and following Michael’s ethos, we have a passion for using our situation to source as many local ingredients as possible.

Michael has long regarded the west-country as somewhere that has “the best larder, not just in the U.K, but across the whole of Europe”. From stunning seafood to award-winning livestock, beautifully fresh fruit to seasonal vegetables; we ensure that everything we use here at The Manor does not detract from the surrounding environment and that we leave food stocks to continue thriving.

Whether ensuring our fish reach ‘Boat to Plate in 48’ hours or carefully selecting which cuts of meat to use from the native Devon Red Ruby so that nothing goes to waste, Michael and his team use their passion to ensure that every meal is a guilt-free experience to savour.

We partner with the finest local suppliers including Darts Farm (4 miles away), Greendale Farm Shop (6 miles away) and Exmouth Mussels (2 miles away) so that our food hasn’t travelled miles before ending up on your plate.

Michael recently spent some time with Exmouth Mussels; who, working from their base on Exmouth Docks have developed unique equipment to farm the fast-flowing river Exe. By doing away with dredges and using a self-fluidising elevator, the shellfish are teased from their muddy beds without impact on the stone layers beneath. Minimal disturbance and constant re-seeding allow the high density of fish, crabs and sponges that build up on these “underwater rainforests” to be maintained.

For more information on our Sense of Taste, please follow this link.

Matt Austin Image/ Sideshore Exmouth